Finland – Quality deviation in protein shakes; the product may spoil prematurely


Valio has announced that it has recalled two protein shake products because they may spoil before the marked best before date.

The recall applies to the following products with a best-before date of May 24, 2023:

  • Valio PROfeel® protein shake 2.5 dl orange cocoa lactose-free
  • Valio PROfeel® protein shake 2.5 dl raspberry cocoa lactose-free

Valio says that the aforementioned products should not be consumed and advises consumers to contact Valio via the feedback form on the website: link to the feedback form.

The matter is handled at the Food Agency by Chief Inspector Mika Varjonen, tel. 050 38 68 416, .

Pictures of the products:
(Photo: Valio)

Two PROfeel protein shake products.

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