Hamilton City

Public Health Services is investigating an outbreak of Salmonella associated with Ole Gourmet restaurant located at 174 Hamilton Regional Rd 8, in Stoney Creek. Four people have been confirmed with Salmonella after consuming food prepared by this restaurant.

Upon the initial report public health inspected and closed the establishment on May 17, 2018. On May 18 a re-inspection of the restaurant occurred and it was observed to be compliant with Ontario’s Food Premises regulation, and the restaurant was allowed to re-open. Due to an additional human case of Salmonella being reported on May 22, Public Health Inspectors performed an additional inspection that included the collection of 10 food samples, three of which have been reported positive for contamination with Salmonella. The restaurant was closed Friday evening, May 25, 2018.

Symptoms of Salmonella include fever, chills, sudden headache, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea and sometimes vomiting. Most people recover from Salmonella without further complications, however individuals who are currently symptomatic and have eaten food prepared at the Ole Gourmet from May 4, 2018 onward are recommended to see their primary care provider (family physician, nurse practitioner or walk-in clinic).

Additionally symptomatic individuals should drink plenty of fluids and avoid preparing food for other people. Individuals with questions about Salmonella may call Public Health Services at 905-546-2063.

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