Finland – Mold/Mould in oat snacks


Fazer has announced that it will remove the following Fazer Yosa products from sale, with a best-before date of 19 September 2022.

The product names and EAN codes of the recalled products are:

  • Fazer Yosa Oat snack Mango 400 g, 6410220009006
  • Fazer Yosa Oat snack Wild berry 400 g, 6410220009426
  • Fazer Yosa Oat snack Vanilla 400 g, 6410220009471
  • Fazer Yosa Oat snack Wild berry 2×125 g, 6410220003103
  • Fazer Yosa Oat snack Strawberry-banana 2×125 g, 6410220003066 

According to the manufacturer, mold growth has been detected in the product batches in question, and they are therefore not suitable for consumption. The consumer notices the growth of mold on the surface of the product. The recall only applies to the products and flavors mentioned above and marked with a best before date. No similar problem has been observed in other product lots. 

Fazer instructs consumers to dispose of the products and announces that it will refund the withdrawn products.

Instructions for consumers who bought the product can be found in the company’s bulletin.

More information: Fazer customer service, tel. 0800 0 5000 (Tues-Fri 10-12) and

The matter is handled at the Food Agency by Chief Inspector Paula Hietanen, tel. 050 596 9637 .

Pictures of the products
(Photo: Fazer)

Five packages of Fazer Yosa products.

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