Germany – Organic date and hazelnut cream – Mold/Mould



Alert type: Food
Date of first publication: 09/02/2022
Product name:

Organic date and hazelnut cream

Manufacturer (distributor):

KoRo Handels GmbH Hauptstrasse 26 10827 Berlin

Reason for warning:

Risk of possible mold infestation > expansion of batches

Packaging Unit:



02/25/2023, 02/26/2023, 02/27/2023, 03/06/2023, 03/07/2023, 03/08/2023

Further information:

Extension of the batches 02/27/2023 LOT 147 and 03/08/2023 LOT 160 by the batches:

02/25/2023 – batch L145
02/26/2023 – batch L146 03/06/2023
– batch L158
03/07/2023 – batch L159

Reference is made to the attached customer information.

Click to access Kundeninformation-Bio-Dattel-Haselnusscreme.pdf

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