Netherlands – Safety Warning Remia Tomato Ketchup 500ml – Lactic Acid Bacteria


Remia CV retrieves the Remia Tomato Ketchup. This only concerns products purchased from Nettorama, Jan Linders, Dirk, Dekamarkt, Vomar, Plus, Coop or Picnic. The reason is a possible lactic acid bacteria contamination that causes the packaging to bulge. The product itself poses no danger to public health if consumed. Other Remia CV products are not affected by this issue and are suitable for sale and consumption.

See Remia’s website

Which product is it?

  • Remia Tomato Ketchup 500ml
  • Barcode: 8710448636977
  • Lot number: L2182
  • Best Before: 07-2023

For more information, customers can contact Remia consumer service on the toll-free telephone number 0800-0222555.


The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

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