USA – Mystery Wood County E. coli Outbreak sickens 16 with 6 hospitalized

Food Poison Journal

According to 24 News, 16 people in Wood County have come down with E. coli in the past week, prompting the health department to begin investigating. From 2016 to 2020 the county only saw 27 cases altogether.

“Even a case or two is something we want to identify and respond to quickly so that if it is, in fact, something that could spread to others we have a chance to stop it,” said Benjamin Robison, the health commissioner for the Wood County Health Department.

Those who have fallen ill range from ages 13 to 60 years old and those who contract the virus can experience different levels of sickness and gastrointestinal symptoms.

The Wood County Health Department has sent lab samples to the Ohio Department of Health to learn whether or not the illnesses are connected. Results, and more information, are expected early next week.

“We are doing a comprehensive investigation to understand what the cause of this was. Until we know whether these diseases are being caused by the same strain, we really have to wait to understand what our next steps are going to be,” Robison said.

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