Russia – Food poisoning outbreak linked to sushi rolls sickens 38 in Samara

Outbreak News Today

Russia: Food poisoning outbreak linked to sushi rolls sickens 38 in Samara

The number of people poisoned by rolls in the Samara region has grown to 38 people, according to Russian media. 

25 people were hospitalized in the Togliatti City Clinical Hospital No. 5 , including four children. The rest are being treated on an outpatient basis.

All patients were diagnosed with signs of food poisoning. Investigators examined the food point, identified food suppliers, and also interrogated the director of the restaurant, the investigative department said.

The mass poisoning became known on June 6 . Initially, it was reported that 22 people turned to doctors for help. According to a 63.RU source familiar with the situation, they all ordered rolls from the Kusai delivery service located in the Central District of Tolyatti. The power point has been suspended . Employees of Rospotrebnadzor, prosecutors and investigators were involved in the proceedings.

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