USA – Buba Noodle Bar possible link in Manchester Salmonella Outbreak

Food Poison Journal

According to the Manchester Union Leader, a downtown Manchester restaurant has closed temporarily as the state investigates a cluster of Salmonella infections.

Buba Noodle Bar on Lowell Street closed its doors voluntarily last week, and on Friday, the Manchester Health Department ordered the restaurant to stay closed until all prepared food is thrown out, the restaurant gets a deep-cleaning, and all staff test negative for Salmonella.

The state health department had been investigating a cluster of Salmonella cases last week, with some of those infected saying they had eaten at the restaurant, but it was not clear if the restaurant was the source of the infection, or what in the restaurant could have spread Salmonella.

Health officials advise anyone who experiences symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting or a fever within a few days of eating at the noodle bar should visit a doctor and ask about testing for Salmonella.

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