Belgium – 4 Albert Heijn brand products containing pumpkin seeds – Salmonella


Recall of Albert Heijn
Products: 4 Albert Heijn brand products containing pumpkin seeds.
Problem: possible presence of Salmonella.
In agreement with the FASFC, Albert Heijn is withdrawing four AH products containing pumpkin seeds from sale and reminding consumers of them due to the possible presence of salmonella.

Consumption of these products can potentially cause foodborne infections and pose a health risk, especially to young children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems and pregnant women.

Albert Heijn asks his customers not to consume these products and to return them to the point of sale. There they will be replaced or refunded. Please contact a doctor in case of health problems.

Description of products:

• Product category: nuts and seeds
• Product name: AH pumpkin seed products
• Brand: Albert Heijn
• Best before date (BDD – date of minimum durability):
            o BDD 27/2/22 – AH ontbijt moerbei goji bessen mix
            o BDD 27/2 /22 – AH pitten mix salad
            o DDM 2/27/22 – AH Italiaanse mix
            o DDM 1/30/22 – AH pitten mix croutons
               (our packaging says “Look, smell and taste after this date”).
• Sales period: 9/15/21 – 11/30/21
• Type of packaging: jars/plastic bags
• Weight: various weights

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