Belgium – Food supplements (various products) of the Husk brand – Salmonella


Communication from the AFSCA
Products: Food supplements (various products) of the Husk brand.
Problem: Possible presence of Salmonella.

The AFSCA is today recalling consumers of the Husk brand “Psyllium-Frøskaller”, ”Psyllium Mavebalance” and “FiberHUSK” food supplements .

This recall follows a notification via the RASFF system (European Food and Feed Rapid Alert System) concerning the possible presence of Salmonella in these products.

It was therefore decided to withdraw these products from sale and to recall them to consumers.

Product description

– Product category: food supplements
– Product name: Psyllium-Frøskaller ”,” Psyllium – Mavebalance ”and” FiberHUSK ”
– Brand: Husk
– Lots: all lots are affected
– DDM: all dates are affected
– Packaging: in powder or capsules, available in different quantities These products were sold online and via this point of sale in Belgium: – ScanShop Brussels, chaussée de Wavre 354 to 1040 Etterbeek For any further information , you can contact the AFSCA contact point for consumers: 0800 / 13.550 or .

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