Belgium – Louis Bechoux Snacks SA – Roasted Meatballs (12x135g and 12x100g). – Listeria monocytogenes


Reminder Louis Bechoux Snacks SA
Product: Roasted Meatballs (12x135g and 12x100g).
Problem: Possible presence of Listeria Monocytogens.

In agreement with the AFSCA, Louis Bechoux Snacks is withdrawing from sale the “Roasted meatballs” products (12x100g and 12x135g) and are recalling them to consumers following a possible presence of Listeria Monocytogens.
Louis Bechoux Snacks asks its customers not to consume these products and to bring them back to the point of sale where they were purchased, where they can be reimbursed.

Product description– 

Product name: Roasted meatballs (12x100g and 12x135g)
– Brand: Louis Bechoux Snacks
– Use-by date (DLC) (“To be consumed until”): 10/10/2020
– Lot number: 080920
– Sale period: from 09/10/2020 to 09/23/2020
– Type of packaging: Transparent plastic packaging with two compartments containing 12 meatballs.
– Weight: 1,620kg (for 135g meatballs), 1,200kg for 100g meatballs

The products were distributed by:

Delisalades, Route de Neufchâteau 48A, 6800 Libramont
Carry Geron, Avenue de l’Independence 31, 4020 Wandre
Deli Snacks SA (VD Horeca), Route de Marche 6, 5377 Baillonville

For any further information , contact:

Madame Louise Hogge
084 / 47.72.27 or

Link for images below


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