Denmark – Outbreak of Salmonella Kasenyi in Denmark


From June to July 2020, 11 people are registered with a special type of salmonella in Denmark. The outbreak is being investigated to pinpoint the source of the infection and stop the outbreak.

Last edited on 25 August 2020
From 10 June to 16 July, 11 cases of Salmonella Kasenyi have been reported to the Statens Serum Institut (SSI) (see figure). The sick live primarily in the metropolitan area – but there are also a few sick elsewhere in the country (see table). The patients are 9 women and 2 men aged 27-78 years. The median age is 53 years. Three (27%) of the patients have been hospitalized.

Interviews with the affected persons show that they had not been out traveling until they became ill, they did not know each other, and they had not participated in joint events. It therefore suggests that it is a common food that has been sold throughout the country that is the source of infection.

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