Iceland – Suspicion of Salmonella in chicken


Matvælastofnun warns against consuming Ali and Bónus chicken due to suspicion of salmonella. These are chickens with the traceability number 215-20-25-1-01. Distribution has already been stopped and a recall has begun from the stores that received the product.

The company Matfugl efh. sent information to the Food Administration.

The recall only applies to the following batch:

  • Brands: Ali and Bónus
  • Producer: Matfugl ehf, Völuteigi 2, 270 Mosfellsbær
  • Traceability number / batch number: 215-20-25-1-01
  • Distribution: Bonus, ISK, Fjarðarkaup, Iceland
  • Expiry date 28.07.20 – 30.07.20

Consumers who have purchased chicken with this traceability number are asked to return it to the relevant store or directly to Matfugl ehf., Völuteigi 2, Mosfellsbær



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