Sweden – Lidl Sweden recalls Fresh Sausage Kielbasa, Svea Lantkött – Salmonella


Lidl Sweden is expanding its recall with Fresh Sausage Kielbasa from the Svea Lantkött brand after analyzes that show that this sausage may contain Salmonella. Lidl recalled Fresh Sausage Ramslök & Vitlök from Svea Lantkött for the same reason on 5 July.

Salmonella has been detected after a routine analysis. We would like to urge all our customers who bought the sausage to come back to us with the product. The relevant best-before date 2020-07-18 has been sold in all of Lidl Sweden stores. Salmonella poses no risk if you have heated the food to at least 70 degrees.

The recall only concerns the product:

Article: Fresh sausage Kielbasa

Pack size: 320g

Brand: Svea Lantkött

Best-before date: 2020-07-18

Other Svea Lantkött products are not affected. We at Lidl Sweden apologize and take what happened seriously. Consumers who have purchased the product are welcome to return it to the place of purchase, or to the nearest Lidl store. Of course, customers get their money back, even without presenting a cash receipt.

Facts Lidl’s quality checks
In addition to Lidl Sweden’s suppliers being certified with IFS (International Featured Standard), BRC (British Retail Consortium) or FSSC 22000 (Foundation Food Safety System Certification), Lidl Sweden performs regular unannounced on-site inspections at suppliers (performed by accredited institution). We go further than required by law and also test all products in external accredited laboratories to ensure that our products meet the highest quality.


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