France – Tomme pasteurized sheep milk with Espelette pigment from Manech. -Presence of Listeria monocytogenes.


FROM-UN, in agreement with the AFSCA, has decided to withdraw from sale and remind consumers of the product “Tomme pasteurized sheep’s milk with Espelette Manech pigment” (date of use 07/09/2020) due to the presence of Listeria monocytogenese.

FROM-UN asks its customers not to consume this product and to bring it back to the store where it was purchased.

The returned products will be refunded. In the meantime, distributors have already removed all products from their shelves with the relevant expiration date.

Product description:
Name: Tomme pasteurized sheep’s milk with Espelette pigment
Product category: Cheese
Brand: Manech
Expiration date: 09/07/2020
Lot number: 20BFPI15
Weight: 4.5 kg
EAN: 3575883000418

The product was sold via several cheese factories and caterers:
– Roland caterer, avenue des Saisons 94 – 1050 Ixelles
– VDH Fromagerie, avenue des Archiducs 36 – 1170 Watermael Boitsfort
– Air Pur, rue de la Verrerie, 154 – 4100 Seraing
– Traiteur Simonis, Grand’route 35 – 4122 Plainevaux
– Ferme de ancien moulin, 1a rue moulin Charon – 6210 Rêves
– St Aubain, rue de l’ange 11-13 – 5000 Namur
– REAL, rue de Herve 110 – 4651 Battice
– Lalero BVBA, Haachtsteenweg 47 – 1820 Steenokerseel
– Cave du Gromager, rue Dierin Patar – 4920 Aywaille
– Léonet Maxime, rue des Sarts, 2 – 7050 Masnuy St Pierre


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