France – Two sick in France from Listeria in cheese

Food Safety News

Two people in France are seriously ill with listeriosis after eating contaminated cheese, according to the public health agency.

A spokeswoman for Santé publique France told Food Safety News that both cases of listeriosis occurred in early March and two women were seriously ill.

“Investigations into two cases of listeriosis that occurred in March 2019 made it possible to identify the consumption of cheeses produced by Société Fromagère de la Brie as a source of contamination for these cases,” she said.

The spokeswoman said as part of national listeriosis surveillance both cases were reported to the agency.

“Strains of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from the two patients were sent to the Centre National de Référence des Listeria (Institut Pasteur de Paris) for molecular typing. These analyses showed that strains isolated from these two individuals had the same microbiological characteristics,” she said.

“Food samples taken at a patient’s home showed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in a cheese produced by Société Fromagère de la Brie. Additional microbiological analyzes have confirmed the link between strains isolated from patients and strains found within the company.”

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