Ireland -Salmonella infection in Ireland, 2017


The 414 cases notified in 2017 were the highest number of salmonellosis cases reported
in Ireland since 2008
 International travel is a large contributor to the overall burden of salmonellosis in Ireland (40%), in particular in summer months
 The most common serotypes reported in Ireland and internationally are S. Enteritidis and S. Typhimurium, with S. Typhimurium the more prevalent among cases acquired in
 The highest reported incidence was in children under five years, with this effect being
more pronounced among cases acquired in Ireland
 A large outbreak of S. Brandenburg in HSE-E resulted in this serotype being the third
most common serotype in Ireland this year. This highlights the continued potential for
foodborne outbreaks of salmonellosis
 The introduction of WGS at the NSSLRL has contributed to confirmation of suspected
outbreaks and to the identification of outbreaks which may not have been recognised on
epidemiological grounds alone
 WGS has also enabled a small cluster of cases in Ireland to be recognised as being part
of a much larger EU incident

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