USA – Dade City caterer’s uncooked turkey leaves 200-plus ill

The Ledger

LAKELAND — A foodborne illness affecting more than 200 people at a Watson Clinic Christmas party was linked to a turkey that wasn’t fully cooked, according to an investigation.

Some people who ate the turkey suffered nausea, vomiting and diarrhea about six hours after eating.

The catering company that brought the turkey was Steph’s Southern Soul Restaurant of Dade City. The owner of the restaurant declined comment Friday.

The Florida Department of Health in Pasco County and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation found that the restaurant was out of compliance in several areas during an inquiry, said Nicole Riley, a spokeswoman with the Department of Health in Polk County.

The restaurant was closed for 24 hours to fix the issues, Riley said.

Polk’s Department of Health analyzed food and human specimens and conducted an epidemiological investigation by survey and phone of both well and sick employees who attended the luncheon. Riley said the exact foodborne pathogen was still unclear.

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