South Africa – Durban eatery confirms Salmonella poisoned its patrons

Times Live

Old Town Italy confirms salmonella poisoning of more than 20 patrons two weeks ago .

A Durban eatery has confirmed that certain food samples submitted for laboratory testing have emerged positive for traces of salmonella.

Two weeks ago at least 20 people were hospitalised with suspected salmonella poisoning after eating at the popular Old Town Italy restaurant in Umhlanga.

Salmonella is most often contracted by eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry and eggs and causes diarrhoea, fever, chills and abdominal pain.

The restaurant has since completely removed hollandaise sauce – a mixture of egg yolk,melted butter and lemon juice – from its breakfast menu. In a statement posted on its Facebook page on Friday the restaurant said test results from two independent laboratories had been submitted to them.

“We can confirm the samples taken from our restaurant for the period 03 November 2018 to 09 November 2018 have tested positive for salmonella.

“However, it is important to highlight that the positive salmonella test results were limited to the hollandaise sauce, rocket and egg mix only.”

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