RASFF Alerts – Backdated 22/9/18 – 05/10/18 – Listeria monocytogenes – Cooked Ham – Frozen Sliced Grilled Pork – Frozen Organic Spinach Tofu Fillets – Frozen Herring – Mortadella with Pistachio


RASFF-Listeria monocytogenes (presence /25g) in cooked ham from Belgium in Belgium

RASFF -Listeria monocytogenes (in 2 out of 5 samples /25g) in frozen sliced grilled pork from Sweden in Finland

RASFF-Listeria monocytogenes (2000; 10000 CFU/g) in frozen organic spinach tofu fillets with raw material from Turkey in Germany

RASFF-Listeria monocytogenes (<10 CFU/g) in frozen herring from Norway in the Netherlands

RASFF-Listeria monocytogenes (presence /25g) in spinach and red chard from Ireland in Ireland

RASFF-Listeria monocytogenes (90 CFU/g) in mortadella with pistachio from Italy in France

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