UK- Seven sick in UK from Salmonella in liquid egg whites

Food Safety News

Authorities in the United Kingdom and Ireland are investigating Salmonella illnesses linked to a brand of liquid egg whites.

Seven confirmed cases of Salmonella Enteritidis have been reported in the UK and one suspected infection is under investigation in Ireland. One batch of Dr. Zak’s Barn Farmed Liquid Egg White 970 ml from France with raw material from Spain was recalled on Sept. 17 followed by other batches on Sept. 21.

Salmonella was found in two batches — the first with the use-by date Dec. 12, 2018, and lot number 18163BN2A, the second with a use-by date of Dec. 29, 2018, and lot number 18180BN2A. A precautionary recall was made for batches with a use-by date of Dec. 29, 2018, and lot number 18180BN2B and use-by date of Feb. 2, 2019, with lot number 18228BN2A.

A high count of Enterobacteriaceae at 9,500 most-probable-number per gram and high aerobic plate count with 6,700 colony forming units per gram were also found in the product.

Public Health England told Food Safety News that it is investigating the outbreak of Salmonella affecting people who consumed the nationally distributed liquid egg white product that was recalled by the Food Standards Agency.

Illnesses have been reported in different parts of England since Aug. 17, with the most recent case having an onset date of Sept. 3. Cases linked to the outbreak strain have been confirmed through whole genome sequencing.

Three cases have reported consumption of Dr. Zak’s Barn Farmed Liquid Egg White while four infections are still under investigation.

“Most of those affected have now recovered. However, Salmonella can cause a serious infection in those with weakened immune systems or in vulnerable groups including babies, the elderly or pregnant women,” said Dr. Nick Phin, deputy director of the National Infection Service at PHE.

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