Kenya – Over 2,000 Bags of Aflatoxin Infected Maize Seized in Marsabit

All Africa

Public Health Officers in Marsabit County have seized 2,856 bags of maize infected with aflatoxin.

The maize, which was stored at the Marsabit National Cereals and Produce Board, was found to have aflatoxin levels eight times above the regulatory limit.

Marsabit County Executive in charge of Public Health and Sanitation David Timado said on Saturday that health officers took action after members of the public raised complaints over the quality and colour of the relief maize.

Mr Timado said the complaints were raised by Jaldesa, Sagante, North Horr area and Laisamis residents.

“Public health officers from various sub-counties visited the National Cereals and Produce Board depot where they picked samples from the different stores for analysis at the Kenya Government Chemist and the National Public Health Laboratories in Nairobi,” said Mr Timado.

Mr Timado added that about 460 bags of relief maize was affected by weevils.

“We have seized all the grains and we urge members of the public to be calm as the situation is under control. All public health officials across the county have started inspecting maize in markets and schools,” added Mr Timado.

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