India – 11 people fall sick after consuming stale food in MP’s Khargone district

Business Standard

Eleven people fell sick after consuming stale food during ‘shraddh’, a ritual performed to pay homage to a dead ancestor, in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district, an official said on Monday.

The incident took place on Sunday after ‘kheer’ (a sweet dish made of milk) was served to the people during the ritual in Saigon town.

In the evening, 11 people including five women and two girls complained of vomiting and upset stomach. After preliminary treatment at Saigon health centre, they were referred to the district hospital, Dr Mayank Patidar from the medical facility said.

The condition of all of them is stable now, he said.

The food department has collected the kheer sample for testing, he said.

The official said it was suspected that the milk used in the kheer preparation had turned stale which resulted in food poisoning.

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