India – 48 people, including 22 children hospitalised with food poisoning at Bagalkot

New Indian Express

BAGALKOT: At least 48 people, including 22 children, were rushed to the district civil hospital after they fell ill reportedly because of food poisoning at Domanal village of Bagalkot taluka.

Initially 80 people were reported ill but after medical professionals were pressed into service nearly 50 people have found ill and all have been admitted at the district civil hospital for further treatment.

Within an hour of consuming food served at Yamunarappa Urus, a religious ceremony, many people began vomiting and complained of diarrhoea. The villagers soon alerted the health department, who rushed to the spot within minutes with sufficient medical kits.

Among the 48 people that fell ill 22 are children, 12 are women and 10 are elderly persons. The district hospital declared that all are out of danger and responding to the treatment.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, Dr Jayashree Emmi, District Health Officer (DHO), said that, “We have put enough medical professionals on the job to take care of all the people that fell ill reportedly after consuming food at a religious ceremony. All the people are stable and recovering.”

“We have collected samples of food and water served at Urus. After investigation an investigation will be carried out on the incident. We have also stationed two ambulances and a team of health professionals in the village as a precaution,” stated DHO Jayashree.

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