Hong Kong – Food-poisoned in quarantine hotel – and no one to help

The Standard

A 23-year-old man suffering from food poisoning for more than 18 hours in his quarantine hotel room at Four Points by Sheraton in Tung Chung and was left unattended, raising alarm bells about lack of care for sick residents at isolation hotels.

He was however sent to North Lantau Hospital more than one hour after his friend’s Australian mother, who is a resident finally alerted the hotel front desk at about 2.30 pm Tuesday. Doctor later diagnosed he was suffering from food poisoning.

The man, named JB, arrived in Hong Kong from San Francisco with a 22-year-old friend last Sunday and started their 21 days quarantine at Four Points by Sheraton Hong Kong, Tung Chung. The two are Hong Kong residents and returning home after visited San Francisco.

JB felt gassy and nauseous on Monday night after eating chicken wings and rice provided by the hotel and started vomiting due to suspected food poisoning.

“It [the food] was a little cold when I picked it up,” said JB, “[the chicken wing] looked raw when I inspected after I threw up.”

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