Singapore- Food poisoning cases jump to 238 as Plan Student Care Centre and 5 more PCF Sparkletots centres hit

Asia One

SINGAPORE – Children and staff at five more PCF Sparkletots pre-schools have reported symptoms of food poisoning, bringing the total number of cases to 222 as of 4pm on Thursday (March 28).

The 12 PCF pre-schools and Plan Student Care Centre were all served by Kate’s Catering, which has been suspended.

Of those affected, 14 remain in hospital but are in stable condition, while 11 have been discharged.

Food handlers were sent for stool screening, and food and environmental samples were taken for testing as part of the investigations.

When contacted by ST, a spokesman for Kate’s Catering said it was working with the respective authorities.

In its update on Friday (March 29), MOH said that food poisoning or food-borne illness often causes vomiting and diarrhoea which may lead to dehydration, especially in young children and the elderly.

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