Canada – Unpasteurized cheese made on Vancouver Island recalled for E. coli concerns

CTV News ecoli

A voluntary recall has been issued for a Vancouver Island-produced cheese linked to an E. coli outbreak that infected five people.Little Qualicum Cheeseworks’ Qualicum Spice cheese should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase, according to the BC Centre for Disease Control.

The E. coli outbreak occurred between August and October and was traced back to the unpasteurized product, which has a best before date up to and including April 24, 2019.

An investigation is ongoing “to determine the source and extent of contamination,” the BCCDC said.

Qualicum Spice cheese is sold throughout B.C. in grocery stores, farmers’ markets, wineries, restaurants and Little Qualicum Cheeseworks’ farmgate store.

While the company produces other types of cheeses, only Qualicum Spice is affected and others do not need to be discarded, according to the BCCDC.

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