UK – Two kids from the same family die after catching food poisoning bug E.coli

The Sun

Two children from the same family have died after contracting the deadly food poisoning bug E.coli, health bosses have confirmed.

The children, whose ages have not yet been released, were from the Charnwood area of Leicestershire and had been treated for the bug in the last two weeks.

Public Health England confirmed the deaths today and revealed it’s working with environmental health officers after two cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome were confirmed in the siblings.

Hemolytic uremic syndrome is a serious complication of E.coli which affects the kidneys, eventually causing them to shut down.

Dr Lauren Ahyow, consultant in communicable disease control at PHE East Midlands, said: “E. coli is an infection that causes a spectrum of illness ranging from mild through to severe bloody diarrhoea, mostly without fever.

“Sometimes the infection can cause a condition called haemolytic uraemic syndrome which affects the kidneys and can be very serious.

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