USA- Norovirus – Indiana and Vermont

Food Poison Journal Norwalk_Caspid

The Vermont Department of Health is investigating an outbreak of norovirus at The Windjammer Restaurant and its affiliated Upper Deck Pub in South Burlington, following more than 50 reports of illness and nine lab-confirmed cases of norovirus infection.

Health officials said the restaurant’s management has been cooperating in the investigation and has voluntarily closed for 48 hours to conduct a thorough cleaning of the establishment, including discarding prepared food items. According to The Windjammer’s management, several employees were out sick with similar symptoms. The restaurant is working closely with the Health Department to ensure the employees have the opportunity to be tested for norovirus and receive information about hand washing and glove use policies.

Food Poison Journal

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) is working with local health departments in southern Indiana to respond to a recent increase in hepatitis A cases, many of which are tied to a large outbreak in Kentucky.

In the last month, 17 cases of hepatitis A have been confirmed statewide, including 11 in Clark and Floyd counties. Since Jan. 1, ISDH has confirmed 40 cases of hepatitis A statewide. Typically, fewer than 20 cases are confirmed each year in Indiana.

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