Research – The Prevalence and Antibiotic-Resistant of Listeria monocytogenes in Livestock and Poultry Meat in China and the EU from 2001 to 2022: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis



To compare the prevalence and antibiotic resistance rate of Listeria monocytogenes in livestock and poultry (beef, pork and chicken) meat between China and the European Union (EU), a meta-analysis was conducted. Ninety-one out of 2156 articles in Chinese and English published between January 2001 and February 2022 were selected from four databases. The prevalence of L. monocytogenes in livestock and poultry (beef, pork and chicken) meat in China and Europe was 7.1% (3152/56,511, 95% CI: 5.8–8.6%) and 8.3% (2264/889,309, 95% CI: 5.9–11.0%), respectively. Moreover, a decreasing trend was observed in both regions over time. Regarding antibiotic resistance, for the resistance to 15 antibiotics, the pooled prevalence was 5.8% (95% CI: 3.1–9.1%). In both regions, the highest prevalence was found in oxacillin, ceftriaxone and tetracycline, and a large difference was reported between China and the EU in ceftriaxone (52.6% vs. 17.3%) and cefotaxime (7.0% vs. 0.0%). Based on the above, it remains a significant challenge to enforce good control measures against the meat-sourced L. monocytogenes both in China and in the EU.

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