Research – Salmonella and Eggs: Preventing and Reporting Illness

Food Poisoning News

Salmonella and Eggs: Ways to prevent illness and the importance of reporting illnesses.

Did you know that Salmonella is the most common type of bacterial food poisoning? It is commonly consumed through raw dairy products, meats, vegetables, and even fruits! But perhaps the most notorious conduit for Salmonella is eggs. Poultry, such as chickens, can carry Salmonella, and these bacteria can then be passed on to the eggs they lay. According to the CDC, “Salmonella can get on the shells of eggs when birds lay eggs or when the eggs touch bird droppings (poop) after being laid.” Obviously, this can be a problem if a person is collecting their own eggs directly from their back-yard or farm poultry. But in theory, eggs bought from grocery stores should be much safer as the eggs are washed before hitting the shelves.

But if your eggs are contaminated, how can illness be prevented?

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