EFSA – Foodborne Outbreaks – Dashboard


The EFSA dashboard on foodborne outbreaks is a graphical user interface that allows for searching and querying the large amount of data on foodborne outbreaks collected by EFSA from the European Union Member States and other reporting countries based on the Zoonoses Directive 2003/99/EC. In the online EFSA dashboard, the foodborne outbreak data (since 2015) and related statistics can be displayed interactively using charts, graphs, and maps. The main statistics can also be visualised (and downloaded) in a tabular format. The present user guide describes the content and functionalities of the dashboard on foodborne outbreaks and provides detailed indications to make full use of this visualisation tool.

Updates on versioning

Version 1 includes the user guide of the foodborne outbreaks dashboard

Version 2 includes user guides both on foodborne outbreaks as well as on zoonotic agents.

Consequently the title of the records has been updated to match the content.


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