Research – German testing finds E. coli in beef, salad, and dough

Food Safety News

E. coli has been found in ground beef, pre-packaged salads, and ready-made dough and baking mixes, according to results of food controls in Germany.

In 2021 risk-based monitoring, samples of ground, or minced, beef was examined. Shiga toxin-producing E. coli were detected in 28 of 420 samples. It was also found in two of 86 tests on fresh beef at retail.

German officials said at-risk consumer groups such as small children, the elderly, immunocompromised people, and pregnant women should only consume ground meat that has been sufficiently cooked.

A total of 88 of 410 ground beef samples tested for Listeria monocytogenes were also positive. Levels were low but can still pose a health risk to vulnerable people. One sample had levels near the legal limit.

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