Research – Publisher’s Platform: Colonel Colon and his League of Faecal Fighters coming soon to help make your food safer

Food Safety News

Over a decade ago, the mom of two clients who both developed acute kidney failure after consuming E. coli O157:H7-tainted spinach sent me an unexpected present. The outbreak sickened over 205 people, killing five, sending hundreds to the hospital, many with life-altering complications. The gift was a bobble-head that bore a similarity to a younger version on me. On the base it said: “Colonel Colon and his League of Fecal Fighters.” It sits on my desk today.

I have always thought of doing something with the gift, and with the talent of my incredible niece, Janae Dueck, and borrowing from the work of the good food people at the FDA and FSIS, and idea is brewing of a way to help educate us all to be Fecal Fighters.

Over the next year we will be working on comic book, a cartoon video about the adventures of these superheroes, and a food safety jingle (thanks to my friend Vincent).

Read More at the Link Above

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