Ireland – Potentially dangerous parasite in County Limerick water supply – Cryptosporidium

Limerick Post

DRINKING water supplies in Foynes have come under the microscope with the ongoing detection of a parasite that could pose a threat to human health.

Cryptosporidium, a parasite found in human and animal faeces, has been detected in the Foynes/Shannon Estuary water treatment plant this year.

The Environmental Protection Agency said it was “very concerned” after it conducted an audit which detected two breaches of recommended limits of cryptosporidium at the plant on February 23 and April 13.

The EPA said that it was most likely due to “a deterioration in raw water quality combined with significant deficiencies and pressures on the treatment processes at the plant”.

The environmental watchdog said the incident was suitably escalated and managed to protect the health of the population of over 7,200 in the Foynes area who use the water supply.

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