Malaysia – Cholera In Selangor, Careful When Drinking Water, KKM Says


Food Illness

The Health Ministry (KKM) has given out warnings to the public over the weekend on the dangers of cholera after the Petaling Health District discovered one case.

Selangor State Health Department mentioned that the case was reported on 21 October 2021, involving a 56-year-old patient.

The public is urged to:

  • drink treated or boiled water.
  • practice personal hygiene and always wash their hands.
  • do not eat raw or uncooked food. (sorry sushi lovers)

One is advised to seek immediate medical attention if they’ve experienced diarrhea.

Further investigations have been conducted thoroughly however we have not been able to identify the cause of the infection and no new cases have been received so far. Therefore, in line with the MOH’s recommendation, the Selangor State Health Department would like to emphasize that cholera can spread quickly and can cause death if not treated immediately.

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