Research – The combined effect of green tea and peppermint oil against pathogenic bacteria to extend the shelf life of eggs at ambient temperature and the mode of action

Wiley Online

This work investigated the antimicrobial activities of green tea (GT) at 5 and 10.0% wt/vol and peppermint oil (PP) at 0.1, 0.15, and 0.2% wt/vol against major pathogen bacteria (Escherichia coliSalmonella enteritidis, and Staphylococcus aureus) found on eggs at room temperature (30°C). The quality factors (weight loss, Haugh unit, albumen pH, egg yolk, and albumen index) of treated eggs were also measured while they were stored at room temperature for 14 days. A 9-point hedonic scale was used for sensory evaluation. Scanning electron microscopy was used to examine the morphology of bacteria cells to understand this study’s mechanism of action. It was found that combining 10% GT and 0.15% PP had complete antibacterial activity against all pathogenic bacteria investigated, and could extend the shelf life of treated eggs from 7 days (control) to at least 14 days. The treated egg’s coliforms (≤3.0 log10 colony-forming unit [CFU] g−1), Ecoli (≤1.8 log10 CFU g−1), TVC (≤4.3 log10 CFU g−1), Salmonella spp., (not detected in 25 g), and Saureus (not detected in 25 g) were better able to meet the microbiological criteria for egg after 14 days of storage, when compared to the control, which exceeded the criteria within 7 days. In addition, consumers rated egg acceptability as favorable by giving a sensory score ranging from like slightly to like moderately (~6.7). Furthermore, when compared to the control (6–7 days), all treated eggs retained their quality during storage for 14 days and met the microbiological criteria for egg in food standard (<4.7–6.0 log10 CFU g−1 for total visible count). Compound leakage from within the bacteria, which was the mode of action when GT and PP were combined, resulted in a wrinkled appearance of bacteria cells and serious defects in bacteria membrane morphology. These findings suggest that a sanitizing spray derived from GT and PP can extend the shelf life of eggs and ensure their safety for human consumption at room temperature without using a refrigerator.

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