Bali – 21 students in Lombok got food poisoning after eating deep fried tempe

Coconuts Bali

Dozens of students from a madrasah (Islamic school) in Central Lombok are suspected to have gotten food poisoning after snacking on deep fried tempe, for which they had to be taken to the local community clinic (Puskesmas).

West Praya sub-precinct chief, Heri Indrayanto, said in a statement that the students bought the deep fried tempe from a street vendor identified as M and ate them with chili sauce during recess.

“It is suspected that the victims got food poisoning after eating the fried tempe with chili sauce,” Heri said.

Fifteen minutes after consuming the fritter, the students started to get headaches and felt nauseous, while some started vomiting. They were then taken to the nearest Puskesmas for treatment.

Heri said a total of 21 students had food poisoning, and even the seller M also experienced the same symptoms. Authorities had seized all the ingredients and sent them for a lab test at the Health Agency in Central Lombok.

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