Research – Controlling Campylobacter jejuni in vitro and in chicken using combinations of citrus-based and trisodium phosphate formulations

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Campylobacter kswfoodworld

Campylobacter frequently contaminates chicken. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is used for chicken decontamination; however, reduction of chemical preservatives is desirable. This study analyzed the efficacy of two commercial citrus-based products (CitroSan [CS] and Citrol-K Ultra [CK]) alone and in combination with TSP for reduction of Campylobacter in vitro and in chicken. The minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) of the preservatives alone or in combination was determined against Campylobacter jejuni. Their ability to reduce bacteria in raw chicken and their effect on the sensorial characteristics of the meat were determined. The MBCs obtained were 0.5 ± 0.04% for TSP, 0.05 ± 0.0006% for CS, and 0.0006 ± 0.0001% for CK. When combined, bactericidal concentrations varied. Following contact with TSP–CS and TSP–CK for 6 hr, C. jejuni was reduced from 106 to <100 CFU/g. Concentrations below those used in industry (2% TSP, 0.3% CS, and 0.05% CK) were added on the raw chicken skin before (B: treated with TSP and then inoculated) and after (A: inoculated and then treated with TSP) inoculation of Campylobacter. TSP (A) reduced C. jejuni by 92.6% after 24 hr, whereas TSP (B) caused a 36% reduction. TSP (A and B) in combination with both CS and CK caused 98.9 and 95.9% reduction, respectively, after 120 hr. The CS–CK combination (without TSP) reduced bacteria to undetectable levels after 48 hr. No significant differences were detected in the sensorial characteristics of treated wings. All the combinations tested, but especially 0.3% TSP + 0.0003% CK represent alternatives to control C. jejuni in chicken and reduce or avoid synthetic preservatives.

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