Czech Republic – Sausages with blue cheese – Food Spoilage


Illustration photo no. 1

Place of inspection:
Chrudim ( SNP 1060, 537 01 Chrudim )
Company ID: 44012373
Food group: Meat and meat products Heat-treated non-perishable products

Sausages with blue cheese
Category: Dangerous food
Unsatisfactory parameter:


The product was slimy and smelled unpleasant. Food is not considered safe if it shows signs of spoilage.

The food had an expiration date.

Expiration date: 06/08/2021
Packaging: original packaging PE sealed bag
Quantity of product in package: 1,238 kg
Date of sampling: 10. 6. 2021
Reference number: 21-000209-CAFIA-CZ
The sample was found by an official inspection of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority.

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