Norway -Monitoring program 2020 – Monitoring and control of Salmonella in live animals, fresh meat and eggs


Since 1995, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has carried out monitoring programs for Salmonella in live animals (cattle, pigs and poultry), fresh meat and eggs. The program documents that the incidence is very low compared to most other countries.

What did we investigate? The aim of the program is to ensure that food-producing animals, fresh meat and eggs from Norwegian domestic animals are virtually free of salmonella. The program also documents the very favorable salmonella situation Norway has, which in turn provides a basis for salmonella guarantees, ie when importing certain animals and certain animal products, the shipment must be examined for salmonella with a negative result in the country of dispatch before it can be sent to Norway. In the program, samples have been taken in herds, in the slaughterhouses and in downsizing companies.
Period: All year
What were we looking for? The samples were tested for Salmonella.
What did we find? In the program for 2020, one positive sample was found among a total of 8,285 from poultry, one positive sample from pigs among 3,245 examined, three positive samples from cattle out of a total of 2,975 samples and four positive samples from a total of 8,690 taken from fresh meat in slaughterhouses and cutting plants. .


The full report can be read here


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