Canada – Notice not to consume cheese from the Fromagerie de l’Île-aux-Grues brand sold by the butcher JB Allard inc.


MAPAQ, in collaboration with the butcher JB Allard inc., Located at 223, route Marie-Victorin, in Lévis , advises people considered vulnerable (namely pregnant women, people with weakened immune systems, children and the elderly) that the product indicated in the table below has been made from unpasteurized milk, without the retailer having mentioned it in the list of ingredients . The product was offered for sale without the retailer affixing the prescribed endorsement.

Product name Format Product brand Targeted lot
“Le Riopelle de L’Isle” Variable “Fromagerie de l’Île-aux-Grues” Units sold until February 22, 2021

The product that is the subject of this warning was offered for sale until February 22, 2021 inclusively , and only at the establishment designated above. It was wrapped in clear plastic wrap. It was sold refrigerated. The product label included the words “Fromagerie de l’Île-aux-Grues”.

The retailer is voluntarily recalling the products in question. He agreed with MAPAQ to disseminate this warning as a precautionary measure. Also, people deemed vulnerable (previously designated) who have this product in their possession are advised not to consume it. They must return it to the establishment where they bought it, use it in a ready-cooked meal that will be cooked until it reaches a safe cooking temperature of 74 ° C or else throw it out. It should be noted that no case of illness associated with the consumption of this food has been reported to MAPAQ so far.

Additional information

Media relations
Department Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries
and Food
Tel. : 418 380-2100, extension 3512

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