RASFF Alerts – Salmonella – Chilled Poultry Meat – Frozen Poultry Nuggets – Turmeric Powder – White Sesame Seeds – Black Pepper – Whole Wheat Flour – Chicken Half Breasts

kswfoodworld food safety poisoning

RASFF-Salmonella enterica ser. Typhimurium in chilled poultry meat from the Netherlands in the Netherlands

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in frozen poultry nuggets from Spain in France

RASFF-Salmonella enterica ser. Agona (present /25g) in turmeric powder from India, via the United Kingdom in Finland

RASFF-Salmonella (present /25g) in white sesame seeds from India in Cyprus

RASFF-Salmonella (present /25g) in whole wheat flour with roasted malt from Belgium in Belgium

RASFF-Salmonella (present /25g) in black pepper from Brazil in Spain

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in frozen salted chicken half breasts from Brazil in the Netherlands

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