Research – FSA Vacuum Packing/MAP Guidance – more questions asked


In June 2022 CFA Director General Karin Goodburn MBE gave evidence to the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) Subgroup conducting the review of the entire risk basis of the FSA Guidelines on the control of non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum in the vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging of chilled food (CFA News 58) and looking more widely at botulism risks.

The subgroup was not authorised by FSA to review the guidance in relation to fresh meat although industry maintains that it does not reflect internationally-established risk. CFA is seeking correction of technical errors and removal of UK-only technical barriers to businesses. Instead, as is standard for other pathogens, information required for the use of HACCP should be provided by FSA including continuing to allow the use of risk-based data for the use of novel thermal and other processes.

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