England – National standards for healthcare food and drink

England NHS

There are eight standards that all NHS organisations are required to meet

Organisations must have a designated board director responsible for food (nutrition and safety) and report on compliance with the healthcare food and drink standards at board level as a standing agenda item.

  1. Organisations must have a food and drink strategy.
  2. Organisations must consider the level of input from a named food service dietitian to ensure choices are appropriate.
  3. Organisations must nominate a food safety specialist.
  4. Organisations must invest in a high calibre workforce, improved staffing and recognise the complex knowledge and skills required by chefs and food service teams in the provision of safe food and drink services.
  5. Organisations must be able to demonstrate that they have an established training matrix and a learning and development programme for all staff involved in healthcare food and drink services.
  6. Organisations must monitor, manage and actively reduce their food waste from production waste, plate waste and unserved meals.
  7. NHS organisations must be able to demonstrate that they have suitable 24/7 food service provision, which is appropriate for their demographic.

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