India – Over 40 taken ill in Ri-Bhoi; food poisoning suspected

The Shillong Times

NONGPOH, Feb 13: In a suspected case of food poisoning, more than 40 people from Nongkhrah village in Ri-Bhoi were admitted to hospitals a day after they attended a bachelor party on February 10.
As per sources, it was informed that the attendees of the bachelor party, which was held in the same village, were mostly locals.
It was also informed that more than 40 people, including women and children, fell sick a day after consuming pork at the gathering, and were rushed to Nongpoh Civil Hospital, Nongpoh and Bethany Hospital, Pahamsyiem for treatment.
The other attendees, who did not consume pork, did not, however, complain of any health issue.

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