Research – Effect of Ultra-High-Pressure Homogenization Processing on the Microbiological, Physicochemical, and Sensory Characteristics of Fish Broth



The effect of ultra-high-pressure homogenization (UHPH) treatments at 300 MPa at inlet temperatures (Ti) between 45 and 75 °C on the microbiological, physical, and sensorial characteristics of fish broth was evaluated. Before the application of UHPH treatments, different fish broth formulations were tested, selecting the formula with the best organoleptic and nutritional characteristics and the lowest cost, containing 45% monkfish heads and rock fish in the same proportion. The microbiological shelf-life of fish broth during cold storage at 4 and 8 °C was extended by a minimum of 20 days by applying UHPH treatments at inlet temperatures (Ti) between 45 and 65 °C. Fish broth UHPH-treated at Ti = 75 °C was microbiologically sterile during storage at 4 °C, 8 °C, and room temperature. Fish broth UHPH-treated was physically stable, significantly reducing the particle size. Color showed higher luminosity and lower yellowness as the inlet temperature increased. In fish broth UHPH-treated at Ti = 75 °C, selected for its microbiological stability, no differences were observed in the nutritional composition, antioxidant activity, and sensorial perception compared to untreated fish broth. Hence, UHPH treatments showed to be an alternative to preserving fish broth with an improved microbiological shelf-life and good sensorial characteristics.

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