Research – Warning after scientists find faeces and dangerous bacteria at self-service check-outs

News Yahoo

Health chiefs are warning festive shoppers to wash their hands regularly after a study found both faeces and vomit-inducing bugs – on self-service check-out screens.

The investigation, where scientists analysed swabs from several everyday objects, revealed there were thousands of bacteria on the ubiquitous payment machines.

E.coli, which causes vomiting, was present on nearly all the surfaces, while poo and microbes that lead to urinary tract infections (UTIs) were found on self-service screens.

A bug commonly found in the vagina, mouth, throat and gut called Candida albicans, which can cause yeast infections, was also discovered on an escalator handrail.

And shoppers may also be at risk if they hot desk at work, as intestinal microbes that can cause a range of infections, including UTIs, were found on computer keyboards.

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