Greece – Two Clostridium botulinum Cases

Hellas Posten

The EODY rang the bell for two serious cases of botulism in Greece.

As he states in his announcement, on November 15, 2022, a confluence of 2 suspected botulism cases linked to each other by a family relationship (couple) was declared through the EODY’s Mandatory Disease Notification System.

The botulism antitoxin distribution mechanism was immediately mobilized through the EODY, in collaboration with the treating doctors, to administer the antitoxin to the two patients.

With the assistance of the World Health Organization, it was possible to administer the special antitoxin within the first twenty-four hours from the declaration of the 2 cases to EODY. The two patients, one of whom is intubated, are hospitalized in a stable clinical condition in health units in Attica.

According to the EODY, from the reported food consumption history, it emerged that the couple, of foreign nationality, who were in Greece on vacation, consumed, a few days before the onset of symptoms, asparagus prepared by them through the canning process.

It is noted that in the period 2004-2021, three laboratory-confirmed cases of botulism in infants and one suspected case in an adult were reported to EODY.

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