Austria – NÖM PRO protein drink cocoa – Microbiological Deviation


As part of the precautionary quality assurance, it was determined that a few bottles of the product NÖM PRO protein drink cocoa with the best before date 19.12.2022 had a microbiological deviation and a changed consistency.

NÖM PRO protein drink cocoa, 350 g, best before date 19.12.2022

Only some of the bottles with this best-before date are affected, which were delivered to individual BILLA, BILLA PLUS and ADEG branches in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. The trading partner has already been informed and all affected products were immediately removed from the shelves.

The changed consistency of the defective product is clear and recognizable at first sight, as the product is puncture-resistant and surrounded by a transparent whey liquid. It is not suitable for consumption in this form.

From the point of view of preventive consumer protection, NÖM AG asks you to return this product to the BILLA, BILLA PLUS or ADEG sales outlet in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland if it is in a faulty condition. The returned goods will of course also be replaced without presenting a receipt.

NÖM PRO protein drinks cocoa with this best-before date, which shows the usual content, as well as other best-before dates of the NÖM PRO protein drink cocoa, all other products of the NÖM PRO and NÖM brands are not affected and can still be bought and consumed without hesitation.

NÖM AG thus fulfills its personal responsibility in accordance with the provisions of food law. If consumers have questions, the consumer service of NÖM AG is available at the following telephone number: 0800 800 500 .

original recall

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